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July Offer 35% Off Showroom Visits
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July Offer 35% Off Showroom Visits
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Secondary Glazing with Keane Windows

Secondary and Double Glazing

Secondary glazing is a fully independent internal window, fitted on the room side of an existing primary window. This provides significant noise reduction, improved thermal performance and enhanced security. Successful glazing is about so much more than glass. Windows define a building; bringing air and light in, and keeping the outside world at bay.

Thanks to its unique soundproofing capabilities, secondary glazing can reduce the noise pollution caused by various sources. For many homeowners, traffic noise is their biggest concern. In these instances, secondary glazing with thicker glass and fitted correctly, can make the world of difference.

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Benefits of Secondary Glazing

  1. Acoustic Performance
  2. Well-fitted secondary glazing provides outstanding noise reduction
  3. Reduce Heat Loss
  4. Valuable commodity and creating a second barrier to the elements
  5. Increased Comfort
  6. An affordable, discreet, highly effective solution
  7. Reduce Energy Bills
  8. Resulting installations can exceed Building Regulations
  9. 10 Year Guarantee

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