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Over time our homes change. From new shades of colour  on our walls to extensions on our houses. Like the rest of the home, our windows also sometimes need to be changed. Despite  windows being an essential part of every home, they are neglected. For example, the design type, care given and  material used is all influential to how long windows will last. However the material used in a window is usually overlooked.

For years metal was the material of choice for building windows. While undoubtedly strong, without much care, eventually metal windows are just held up by rust.  In the 1960s the majority of windows were made out of wood. Though very charming, wood meant regular  maintenance and eventually decay. Thankfully, then came uPVC windows  to the rescue. It was the modern, stylish choice and was altogether less hassle. For instance uPVC windows means a lot less painting and less chance of breakage.

Modern uPVC windows

uPVC Windows

Just as the world has changed since the 60’s, so has how we design our windows. Keane Window & Doors is a family business that has witnessed the change in Dublin’s windows.Today’s uPVC windows are much more durable and efficient.This includes double and triple glazed windows, and corrosion resistant to last even longer.  

As we all know the winters in Dublin can be cold, which can be worse on homes with poor insulation. Fortunately uPVC windows are also thermal efficient, so you are sure to save money on the heating bill. On top of this uPVC windows are highly secured anti bandit protected, adding extra safety from burglaries.  These are just some of the reasons why over 80% of home owners and tenants prefer uPVC windows.


While uPVC windows might sound great in terms of structure, you may be worried about how they look. After all, people don’t just look through windows, they look at them too. What is the point in having long lasting windows if you don’t love them?  Keane’s  Windows have an elegant classy style with modern sensibility. Perhaps the most impressive part of Keane’s collection is the large amount of options available. Particularly the special Koblenz selection of uPVC windows for a large  range of styles.

This includes in vertical sliders casement  and tilt and turn windows. As not all houses look the same, windows too shouldn’t all have the same style.  That’s why it important to have many options available, so that they can best compliment your home. Keane Windows & Doors  are a great choice for this and can customise  windows for a look that appeals to you.

Despite improvements in technology there is still the worry  of new items getting dirty and losing their original shine.  Usually the only way to prevent this from happening is with constant cleaning, which can be time consuming. Luckily, Keane’s Windows & Doors are low maintenance and easy to clean.

This all may sound too good to be true, but Keane are so confident  in their windows that they have even offer a ten year guarantee. It’s no wonder that the people of Dublin have trusted Keane with their windows & doors  for so many years.


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